• Come workout with me every week! ( Brooklyn and Manhattan)

    Manhattan Classes


    Alvin Ailey ( 305 W 55th St. NY,NY)
    8:30pm-9:30pm (for the month of April, will go back to 8-9pm in May)
    Cost: $20


    FREE for NYHRC Members

    6:15pm-7pm ( 23rd st NYHRC 23rd/6th ave)

    Brooklyn Classes

    Every Tuesday and Thursday

    Fit4Dance Studio – Body Sculpt or Just Dance Class

    Tuesdays 6-7pm “Just Dance”

    Thursdays 6-7pm  “Body Sculpt”

    154 Utica Ave
    Brooklyn, NY

    Cost: $18

    Every Tuesday and Thursday

    7:30pm-8:30pm – Kukuwa® African Dance Workout

    Mark Morris Dance Center 3 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY
    $15 per class

    Special African Dance Intensives with Coach Cass Coming up in Different States in April:

    NEW JERSEY ( April 30th)

    WASHINGTON DC ( May 21)


    2 Sundays a Month

    Take 2-Hour African Dance Workshop with Cass  4pm-6pm. 2 hours. 2 Afrobeat Routines. Too much fun.

    Click here to register


     Saturday Bootcamps in Central Park will resume in MAY 2017

    Class Descriptions

    I teach the following group classes every week:

    Kukuwa® African Dance Workout

    Get ready to travel through Africa without your passport!! From the drop of the first beat work muscles you didn’t realize you had Kukuwa® African Dance Workout immediately has you moving your arms, waist, hips, and legs to a blend of West, East, and South African rhythms This low-impact, high-energy class is designed to target your cardiovascular system, improve your fitness level and pump fun through your veins. You can burn up to 1000 calories in a 60-minute KDW® class. Open to participants at all fitness and dance levels.

    Kukuwa African Dance Workout

    Body Sculpt (Abs, Arms, Assets)

    Simple toning and strength training exercises that will increase muscular endurance while building your core muscles. Sculpt your abs as you improve your body’s overall functional strength, balance and coordination. This class focuses on strength, movement and balance challenges through use of the body’s core muscles. Get the toned arms and legs, tight glutes, and the abs you always wanted!


    Bootcamp with Coach Cass is a super fun full body blast workout that involves cardio intervals, plyometric and calisthenic exercises, and strength training. You are going to challenge your mind and your body while having a good time!! Come join me! Let’s get that body right and tight!

    Abs Arms Assets

    Kukuwa Dance Workout

    Workout with Coach Cass