My Story


So I’d always been a “thickums” most of my life for lack of a better word. Basically from birth I danced, swam, played basketball, soccer, ran track, anything athletic you can think of, I did it. So working out was never an issue or “to do” for me cause I naturally grativated to activity. My problem was that because I knew I was working out so much, I had this, “I can eat and drink whatever I want” mindset and my body clearly showed that. I was addicted to sweets especially. I was that person who put sugar in frosted flakes and had candy corn and skittles for breakfast quite frequently.My mom didnt really let us have soda growing up so I was a juice queen who barely drank water (little did I know how much all the sugar from all the juice adding up). It was like a chore to drink water. I also kinda ‘ran away’ from being healthy cause my mom was such a ‘health nut’ for lack of a better phrase. It’s almost like Pastor’s kids that dont want anything to do with the church. I wasnt fat, but I was overweight, and although I never said it out loud, I was very unhappy with my weight but still rocked my little bikinis and short skirts with confidence. I still continued with my crazy eating habits in college where I reached the biggest weight at almost 180lbs.

I would look at myself in the mirror and say, “i dont get it, I workout damn near everyday why do I still have mad back fat and muffin tops?!”. I still was like sigh…whatevs, Im just always gonna be this weight and that’s just what it is. Then in 2005, my sister who has lupus was deathly ill and paralyzed from the waist down. long story short the doctors told us that she’d never walk again and would die within a few weeks time span. My mom wouldnt take that for an answer, pulled her out of the hospital and literally healed my sister naturally by juicing veggies/greens for her daily (cutting out everything else in her diet) every hour on the hour until she gained feeling in her legs again and started walking again. My sister now even teaches my mom’s workout, Kukuwa Dance Workout! My sister getting sick and the holistic healing my mom did on her had a serious affect on me. Im like omg I need to get it together and start eating better not just to lose weight but for my health!


I also became a Kukuwa Dance Workout Instructor for my mom’s company ( and I basically needed to be an example to the class (i felt like no one was going to take an overweight instructor seriously). I started to do the small things my mom always preached but I let go in one ear and out the other. I started drinking more water instead of juice, I stopped eating at fast food resturants and started cooking more, I started eating veggies (which I used to absolutely hate before) and more fruits. I started lessening my candy binges and curbing the “sweetness” cravings I had with sweet fruits. I gradually started to lose a couple pounds. People would stop me like “wow cass, you look great, have you lost weight?” I was hype off compliments and that my muffin top and back fat was going down and all I was doing was changing my eating habits to healthier ones. I even felt more energized!

In 2010 I decided to take it to another level and I became a personal trainer and did a 21 day cleanse ( where I just had fruits, veggies protein and supplement veggie/fruit/fiber shakes.Felt so renewed after that. Not only did I lose more weight and begin to tone more through exercise and increased intensity training but I was motivated to further my education to be able to help others to a happy healthier life so I became a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ( where I received the education and training to become a wellness coach and help others on their journey to healthier lives discovering their best selves. Needless to say I was once a size 13/14 and now Im a size 2/3.


I was able to drop down 10 sizes and it wasnt through a crash diet or lypo but just simply changing my diet. A reality about weightloss especially if you have quite a bit of pounds to lose is if your ONLY strategy to lose weight is exercising, with no intention of changing your eating habits. you’ll be disappointed my friend. If this former sugar, beefy patty, cupcake,fried chicken, and candy addict can do it, then you can do it too!!