Help! I’m always hungry!


Why am I always hungry? Are you like damn, I know I don’t have worms! I just ate and I still want more! lol. It’s okay let’s look at some of the reasons why you’re always hungry:

Bored or Stressed: Sometimes you’re not really hungry you’re just bored and eating becomes a favorite pastime or thing to do. Same with stress, it helps you to take your mind off whatever is stressing you and provides “comfort”

Alcohol: Research has shown that drinking alcohol increases the presence of the hormone gherkin which triggers the feeling of hunger

Speed Eating: When you eat too fast the hormone your belly sends to your body to let you know you’re full hungry doesn’t have time

Sleep Deprivation: When your body hasn’t had adequate rest, it becomes more difficult to produce the hormone leptin, which is responsible for allowing your body to feel full

Dehydration: Often, what people think is hunger is actually thirst

Chewing Gum: When gum is chewed, the saliva that is produced is swallowed and sent to the stomach. The body then looks for food to follow which can make you hungrier.

Workout Jam of the week
Baloba by BM feat DJ Leo

Fit Tip of the week
Why workout doing what you hate? Find what you love! Its easier to stay motivated. Click image below to dance it out with me

dancing tips

Nutritional Tip of the Week
So important for us to get in our daily requirement of water and what a fun way to make sure we do it! Try this 30 day drink more water challenge!

30 day bottle



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Tips of dancing

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