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Why I am tired

Are you tired of being tired?!

Why am I always tired?!  Are you physically and mentally drained? Do you find it hard to leap out of bed, tear through the day, and still have the pep to enjoy your evenings anymore? If you never seem to get enough sleep, are fatigued beyond reason, don’t feel right, have trouble concentrating or making…

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Operation Amazing! New Workout Calendar, Joining us in Africa

When’s the last time you…. Loved the way your body looked? Just felt all around amazeballs?!! When you think about feeling this way no matter what it is food or drink wise that’s keeping you down, it becomes less of an issue when you constantly remind yourself that NOTHING tastes as good as healthy feels!…

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Come to Africa with us! Tanzania and Ghana 2016!

Come with us to Africa!!! Each year my daughter Cassandra aka “Coach Cass” and I take groups to different countries in Africa on Fitness and Cultural excursions. So many of you travel with us to Africa without your passports in Kukuwa® class so we figured you might as well join us with your passports!! Nothing…