5 reasons why this year will be different for you


You’re not going to procrastinate and “wait” anymore:
You will not wait on perfection, inspiration, permission, someone or thing to change, someone to discover you, a clear set of instructions or an absence of risk. You will put immediate action and next steps to the measurable goals we’ve set for this year

You’re going to Stop Complaining and Make it Happen:
You’re not a tree, you can move. If you don’t like something change it, move it adjust it. If there’s no way, you will make one

You’re going to stop comparing:  
The grass is greener wherever you water it boo! Stop looking at and wishing for someone else’s lawn and cater to and water your own so it will flourish

You’re going to stop worrying:
You’re going to stop stressing and having amnesia about the amazing things God as done for you. You’re going to have faith and rest assure knowing that what is meant to be will be

You’re going to act like you know:
See and act as if you’re already at your goal/vision. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy

Workout Jam of the week
Bobo by Olamide

Fit Tip of the week
It’s a new year and it’s time for the new you!! Here are easy to do workouts for you at home or the gym. Even if you can’t do 25 reps and you can do 10 your body will thank you for getting it in!

Nutritional Tip of the Week
Are you a snacker? Here are some awesome clean eating snack ideas. The key is to always be full by eating small snacks between meals cause when you’re hungry you become ravenous and make the worst food choices


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New Year New You!
We are going to be Fit and Fabulous in 2016!! Get that daily workout and stretch in and your body will sing your praises!

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